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Race Coatings is a Melbourne based high performance coating company. We specialise in performance automotive coating application for both street and motorsport usage.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology and best materials in order to achieve a high quality, functional and visually appealing job for our clients.
We offer a range of coatings designed to improve the performance and appearance of automotive components.


Race Coatings Performance Division will allow our customers to have a one stop experience covering mechanical, fabrication and appearance performance coatings.

With over 35 years experience mechanically in the industry, Race Coatings Performance Division will cover:

  • All New Engine Builds
  • Gearbox Conversions and Upgrades
  • Tailshafts
  • Differentials
  • Brake Upgrades
  • Engine Conversions

Fabrication at Race Coatings includes exhaust systems, hardlines both fuel and brake, differential housings and suspension components.

All our custom exhaust systems are finished with a high temperature ceramic coat to reduce engine bay heat soaking and under floor heat spreading while also stopping corrosion.

Whilst only a relatively new company, being founded in March 2017, Race Coatings has a wealth of experience behind it. Coating industry specialists, cutting their teeth at other coating companies, have come together with the single goal of providing the best coating service to the automotive and racing industries.

Explore our range of coatings designed to offer performance gains, corrosion resistance and appearance improvements.

The ceramic coating process can apply to many different business needs due to the unique properties that only ceramic coating can provide. Reduce corrosion, friction and heat loss while increasing durability and wear resistance. See which industries are already making use of ceramic coating.

We pride ourselves on a job well done which is why our work is a testament to itself. Not only does ceramic coating provide valuable properties that can't be achieved with other coating processes but it looks stunning as well. Check out our gallery to see for yourself.