Race Coatings offers coating services to both the industrial and automotive sectors.

Nearly all industries can benefit from our coatings, be that anti-corrosion, thermal barrier, thermal dispersant, low friction or powder coating.

Our primary customers come from the following market sectors;

The Ceramic Coating Advantage

High temperature resistance

Wear resistance

Improved durability

Chemical & corrosion resistance

Ceramic coating materials are frequently used for a variety of differing industrial applications, some of which include:

Surface seals – Used mostly in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Critical seals – Usually used in heavy-duty, high-speed industrial applications for steel production and power generation equipment.

Bearing contamination reduction – Ceramic coating materials that have great wear resistance and work effectively with metal, rubber, and polymer benefit from this application.

Leak minimization – All processing environments will benefit from this ceramic coating application.

High speed/High velocity – Ceramic coating materials can withstand high temperatures and provide more effective performance in high velocity/high speed applications. This makes ceramic coatings an ideal solution for land based aerospace turbine components.